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SDS-PLUS SLEDGE™ Bull Point & Flat Chisel 2 Pack


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The MILWAUKEE® 2 Pack SDS-PLUS SLEDGE™ Bull Point & Flat Chisels stay sharper longer. Reinforced edges deliver maximum durability and reduced wear over the life of the chisel. These SDS-Plus chisels are engineered to maintain sharper edges for increased productivity. They feature longer tip lengths vs. standard chisels for maximum life. The SLEDGE™ Bull Point Chisel is ideal for starting holes, and both chisels are designed for general chipping and breaking concrete. No re-sharpening or re-hardening is necessary, reducing downtime. The high grade forged steel delivers maximum durability. The bull point and flat chisels are designed for use with SDS-Plus rotary hammers and offer longer life in concrete demolition over standard Milwaukee chisels.

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